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The Joule Range of Unvented Cylinders

At Joule they make the best in cylinders, using the most up to date technology and manufacturing know how. From the Cyclone Air to the Cyclone Indirect range, we have the hot water solution you need.

Unvented cylinders are increasingly the chosen option in homes and larger buildings. There are a lot of good reasons to go with an unvented cylinder. Here are just some of them:

They can be installed in lots of different areas of the home, giving more freedom in designing the space.
Unvented cylinders usually take up less space than older systems.
They use water directly from the mains, so need for a tank in the attic. This isn’t just good for saving space – it can also take away the possibility of freezing issues in winter.
Because they use mains pressure, they can provide a much more even flow for baths and showers.
Once installed, unvented cylinders can give you real savings in terms of energy efficiency; good for the environment and your pocket.
Because of a sealed system, there isn’t the risk of water contamination, of real concern to SMEs and families alike.