PipeSnug Pipe and Fittings

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PipeSnug is an innovative, award-winning and cost-effective product that makes installing pipes quicker and easier without the need for mortar, silicone or expanding foams.
It provides a professional, tidy, air and water-tight finish to every job and has been designed to be used on any plumbing or construction project. Thanks to its versatility, this product can be installed to seal holes both internally and externally and is suitable for several applications and projects.
Not only is this product suitable for standard bathroom and kitchen waste pipes, but it can also be used for boiler condensate pipes where they feed into 32 or 40mm pipes from the inside to help prevent freezing.

What are the benefits of using PipeSnug?
. Replaces the need to use mortar, silicone and expanding foams to seal the pipe.
. For use with boiler condensate pipes and kitchen/bathroom waste
. Installs in less than 5 seconds and easy to fit
. Creates an air and water-tight seal, helping installers comply with Part L of Building Regulations
. Professional sleek finish
. Fits all makes of solvent weld waste pipe elbow, as well as soil push-fit
. Cheaper and cleaner than traditional methods
. Helps to prevent damage to pipework that may be caused by sharp brickwork/masonry after core drilling
. Can be fitted in any weather
. Helps prevents call backs
. Prevents pest and insect infestation