Stelrad Radiators

Stelrad has been manufacturing high quality steel radiators since 1936, so its no great surprise that the company is the UK’s leading radiator manufacturer, producing in excess of 2,500,000 radiators each and every year.

Stelrad has built its success over the years in four key areas – offering the widest choice of radiators – that’s designs and sizes, offering the highest quality radiators, ensuring the highest levels of reliability from those products and vitally for the heating sector, ensuring they are in the main, available widely and within 72 hours of being ordered. And of course there’s a fifth key benefit – they’re available at the best prices on the market.

Stelrad offers the widest range of radiators in the UK – its best-selling Compact design stands out, but there are a wide range of standard and premium steel panel radiators, and a growing range of decorative and designer radiators, in particular for the kitchen and the bathroom. There is also a growing range of special application and safety range radiators including the widest range of Low Surface Temperature radiators in the UK and a number of ‘one off’ radiators that have become ‘standard issue’ – such as the extremely robust Heavy Duty Planar – designed initially for commercial premises where the radiators were likely to take some ‘stick’ but regularly being ordered for projects including schools and healthcare premises where wheelchairs, trolleys and other vehicles may come into contact with the radiators, particularly in corridors.

The latest trends for Stelrad Radiators include the arrival of a wide range of vertical radiators, taking up a smaller horizontal footprint, often ideal for smaller homes or spaces where horizontal radiators won’t fit comfortable – in hallways, corridors and rooms where the furniture makes a vertical radiator the perfect answer for the space available. In response to an increasing demand for a little more colour in our homes, Stelrad now offers a limited number of radiators in colour from stock, or in up to 36 colours with a longer lead time.

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