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Established close to a decade ago, DART has grown year on year, taking the industry by storm. The business is an independent company run by a proactive board of directors with a team consisting of industry experts who really understand how our power tool accessories are used. DART offers a serious alternative to leading brand products, at a competitive price.

Tools - Dart
MPGManufacturer Part NumberManufacturer Product DescriptionBell Stock Code
AccessoriesADB01DART Angle DriverADB01
AccessoriesATLANTA-LHandmax Black PU Glove Size L (9)ATLANTA-L
AccessoriesATLANTA-XLHandmax Black PU Glove Size XL (10)ATLANTA-XL
AccessoriesDB02340DART Red Ten Hex Adaptor PackDB02340
AccessoriesDB02350DART Red Ten SDS Adaptor PackDB02350
AccessoriesGMHS25DART Premium Double Magnetic HolderGMHS25
ArbourDPA1DART Premium A1 ArborDPA1
ArbourDPA2DART Premium A2 ArborDPA2
ChiselSDSP2025DART SDS+ Flat Chisel - 20 x 250mmSDSP2025
ChiselSDSP4025DART SDS+ Spade Chisel - 40 x 250mmSDSP4025
ChiselSDSPP25DART SDS+ Pointed Chisel - 250mmSDSPP25
Core BitDB00880DART Red Ten DCD Spiro 5-Piece Diamond Core KitDB00880
Countersink DrillDCS04DART Quick-Change Countersink with 5/64 DrillDCS04
Countersink DrillDCS06DART Quick-Change Countersink with 3/32 DrillDCS06
Countersink DrillDCS08DART Quick-Change Countersink with 7/64 DrillDCS08
Countersink DrillDCS10DART Quick-Change Countersink with 1/8 DrillDCS10
Countersink DrillDCS12DART Quick-Change Countersink with 9/64 DrillDCS12
Diamond BladeDB00070DART Red Ten BMI-10 Pro Diamond Blade 115Dmm x 22BDB00070
Diamond BladeDB00090DART Red Ten BMI-10 Pro Diamond Blade 230Dmm x 22BDB00090
Diamond BladeDB00100DART Red Ten BMI-10 Pro Diamond Blade 300Dmm x 20BDB00100
Diamond BladeDB00120DART Red Ten SMI-7 Diamond Blade 115Dmm x 22BDB00120
Diamond BladeDB00125DART Red Ten MGP-10 Diamond Blade 115D x 22BDB00125
Diamond BladeDB00135DART Red Ten MGP-10 Diamond Blade 125D x 22BDB00135
Diamond BladeDB00140DART Red Ten SMI-7 Diamond Blade 230Dmm x 22BDB00140
Diamond BladeDB00150DART Red Ten SMI-7 Diamond Blade 300Dmm x 20BDB00150
Diamond BladeDB00155DART Red Ten MGP-10 Diamond Blade 300D x 20BDB00155
Diamond BladeDB00290DART Red Ten SGP-15 Diamond Blade 115Dmm x 22BDB00290
Diamond BladeDB00300DART Red Ten SGP-15 Diamond Blade 125Dmm x 22BDB00300
Diamond BladeDB00332DART Red Ten SGP-15 Diamond Blade 230Dmm x 22BDB00332
Diamond BladeDB00333DART Red Ten SGP-15 Diamond Blade 300Dmm x 20BDB00333
Diamond BladeDB01590DART Red Ten ST-10 Tile Diamond Blade 115Dmm x 22BDB01590
Diamond BladeDB01670DART Red Ten RT-10 Ceramic Dia. Blade 115Dmm x 22BDB01670
Diamond Core BitDB00770DART Red Ten DCD Spiro 38mm Diamond Core BitDB00770
Diamond Core BitDB00790DART Red Ten DCD Spiro 52mm Diamond Core BitDB00790
Diamond Core BitDB00800DART Red Ten DCD Spiro 65mm Diamond Core BitDB00800
Diamond Core BitDB00830DART Red Ten DCD Spiro 117mm Diamond Core BitDB00830
Diamond Core BitDB00840DART Red Ten DCD Spiro 127mm Diamond Core BitDB00840
Drill Bit74005-1Red Ten WETDRY 5mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk. 174005-1
Drill Bit74006-1Red Ten WETDRY 6mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk. 174006-1
Drill Bit74007-1Red Ten WETDRY 7mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk 174007-1
Drill Bit74008-1Red Ten WETDRY 8mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk. 174008-1
Drill Bit74010-1Red Ten WETDRY 10mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk. 174010-1
Drill Bit74012-1Red Ten WETDRY 12mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk. 174012-1
Drill Bit74020-1Red Ten WETDRY 20mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk. 174020-1
Drill Bit74025-1Red Ten WETDRY 25mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk. 174025-1
Drill Bit74035-1Red Ten WETDRY 35mm Diamond Porcelain Drill Pk. 174035-1
Drill Bit74100-1Red Ten WETDRY 5 Piece Diamond Porcelain Drill Set74100-1
Drill BitMAS055150DART 5.5 x 150mm Masonry Drill BitMAS055150
Drill BitMAS070150DART 7 x 150mm Masonry Drill BitMAS070150
Flat BitDFB10DART 10mm Flat BitDFB10
Flat BitDFB16DART 16mm Flat BitDFB16
Flat BitDFB20DART 20mm Flat BitDFB20
Flat BitDFB20DART 20mm Flat BitDFB20
Flat BitDFB22DART 22mm Flat BitDFB22
Flat BitDFB25DART 25mm Flat BitDFB25
Flat BitDFB32DART 32mm Flat BitDFB32
Flat BitDFB36DART 36mm Flat BitDFB36
Glass BitTDC05DART 5mm Tile/Glass DrillTDC05
Hacksaw BladersDAHB24DART 24T Hacksaw Blade - Pk 10DAHB24
Hammer BitMSDS05516DART 5.5 x 160mm Super Flute SDS+ Hammer Drill BitMSDS05516
Hammer BitMSDS06016DART 6 x 160mm Super Flute SDS+ Hammer Drill BitMSDS06016
Hammer BitMSDS07016DART 7 x 160mm Super Flute SDS+ Hammer Drill BitMSDS07016
Hammer BitMSDS08016DART 8 x 160mm Super Flute SDS+ Hammer Drill BitMSDS08016
Hammer BitMSDS10016DART 10 x 160mm Super Flute SDS+ Hammer Drill BitMSDS10016
Hammer BitMSDS12016DART 12 x 160mm Super Flute SDS+ Hammer Drill BitMSDS12016
Hammer BitMSDS14016DART 14 x 160mm Super Flute SDS+ Hammer Drill BitMSDS14016
Hammer BitMSDS16016DART 16 x 160mm Super Flute SDS+ Hammer Drill BitMSDS16016
HolesawDPH016DART 16mm Premium HolesawDPH016
HolesawDPH019DART 19mm Premium HolesawDPH019
HolesawDPH020DART 20mm Premium HolesawDPH020
HolesawDPH032DART 32mm Premium HolesawDPH032
HolesawDPH035DART 35mm Premium HolesawDPH035
HolesawDPH038DART 38mm Premium HolesawDPH038
HolesawDPH044DART 44mm Premium HolesawDPH044
HolesawDPH051DART 51mm Premium HolesawDPH051
HolesawDPH057DART 57mm Premium HolesawDPH057
HolesawDPH070DART 70mm Premium HolesawDPH070
HolesawDPH076DART 76mm Premium HolesawDPH076
HolesawDPH102DART 102mm Premium HolesawDPH102
HolesawDPH127DART 127mm Premium HolesawDPH127
HolesawDPH152DART 152mm Premium HolesawDPH152
HolesawDPH160DART 160mm Premium HolesawDPH160
HolesawDPHK11DART 11 Piece Premium Holesaw KitDPHK11
HolesawDPQRA2DART Premium Quick Release A2 ArborDPQRA2
Masonry BitMAS050150DART 5 x 150mm Masonry Drill BitMAS050150
Masonry BitMAS060150DART 6 x 150mm Masonry Drill BitMAS060150
Mortar RakeDB01740DART Red Ten MR-6 Mortar Rake 115Dmm x 22BDB01740
SundriesMISSISSIPPI-XLHandmax Orange Waterproof Latex Glove - XL(10)MISSISSIPPI-XL
Tile BitTDC06DART 6mm Tile/Glass DrillTDC06
Tile BitTDC07DART 7mm Tile/Glass DrillTDC07