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Ideal Filters

The Ideal system filter, it is a high quality filter with a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defect, benefiting from the following features:


• High capacity and compact design for collection of magnetic & non-magnetic debris
• Magnetic brass system filter with secondary settlement filtration method
• 10 year warranty
• Forged Brass – no hidden porosity
• Magnetic and dirt separation technology
• Includes high quality brass valves
• No lid to remove for dosing to prevent potential for leaks
• Double use port for both discharge of dirt and express dosing of chemicals
• Double radial seals and no lid to prevent leaks. Will not block or restrict flow.
• Fast and easy to clean without dismantling unit
• Simple clean, smooth and dry magnet removal design
• Easy to install – fits on horizontal and vertical pipework in both flow directions. Can operate at 45˚.
• Available in 22mm pipe fitting with connection valves
• Flushing adapter available
• Fitting an Ideal Filter extends the Vogue GEN2 boiler warranty (from 8 to 10 years)
• Powerful neodymium magnet assembly with threaded magnet cap
• As with all magnetic products, if you have an implanted cardiac device extra caution
should be taken at all times when handling any magnetic filter