Belgravia, Period Residential Property

Belgravia, Period Residential Property

The Most Discreet Heating and Cooling System for High-End Residential Homes

The Unico System - Belgravia Period Residential Property


  • Installation Date: January 2013
  • Unico System: 2 x 14kW with DX coil and 60 room outlets
  • Energy Source: 2 x 14kW Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Heat Pumps
  • Controls: Fully integrated with Crestron BMS system


  • Even temperatures across the rooms
  • NR20 Sound Level Rating
  • Very quiet Zone control options
  • Discreet supply outlets
  • Flexible design and installation
  • EC Variable Speed Control
The Unico System - Belgravia Period Residential Property

“To see a design on paper is one thing, to actually fit it in and not see it is another.
The supply outlets fit seamlessly into the space and the response of the system is extremely quick and impressive.”

- Rod Pyke, Blue Interiors


The owners of this prestigious London property tasked their project manager to find the most discreet heating and cooling system which would not compromise the new interior and architectural features of this period property.

After researching “discreet air conditioning”, he discovered the Unico System which was perfect for this new living space.

During the full renovation, the ceiling was dropped slightly to allow access for the main ducts. This provided enough scope to design the system into an extremely challenging building.


Due to restraints in the building, the whole system was first designed and modelled in 3D to ensure every component would fit into the space.

Two 14kW Unico Systems were installed in the loft space with main ducts running to each of the four floors below. All supply outlets were plastered into the ceilings, leaving just discreet 50mm holes delivering the conditioned supply air.

Return air from the rooms was done through bespoke transfer grilles above the doors and returned to the Unico Systems via the central staircase.

Both Unico Systems are interfaced with Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and controlled through the Crestron BMS System.

The Unico System provides the perfect heating and cooling solution for this high end residential property.